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Prof. (Dr.) S. B. Mujumdar Award for the Outstanding Foreign Student of the year

Symbiosis was established as an organization for the welfare of foreign students who came to study in India.

Prof. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar was a professor of botany in the Fergusson College, Pune and was also the rector of the Boys hostel. In the year 1969 during the Diwali vacations all students had gone back home. However, few international students stayed back. One afternoon, Dr. Mujumdar noticed a girl secretly passing something to a boy through the window of the boys hostel. Suspecting an affair, Dr. Mujumdar walked upto the room. What he saw left him disturbed and disheartened. He found a Mauritian student suffering from jaundice. Due to Diwali vacations as all students had gone back home, the hostel mess was closed. The girl who was secretly passing him the parcel was his sister who was passing him food through the window as girls were not allowed in the Boys Hostel.

This incident left a deep impact on Dr. Mujumdar. He interacted with many foreign students and realized the problems of language, food, accommodation, medical aid etc faced by them. This incident and realization of the sufferings of foreign students gave birth to the idea of Symbiosis.

Ravindranath Tagore’s concept of ‘Vishwa Bharati’, Sane Guriji’s concept of ‘Antar Bharati and Dnyneshwara’s concept of (He Vishwachi Maze Ghar) The World is one family inspired Dr. Mujumdar to establish an organization for the welfare of foreign students. Dr Mujumdar established Symbiosis with a motto of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ in 1971.

The Founder and President of Symbiosis Prof. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar turned 82 years on 31st July 2016. On this occasion he had announced ‘Prof. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar Award’ from his personal funds to the ‘Outstanding Foreign Student of the year’ studying in India, preferably in Pune. The award will be in the form of a Citation and cash prize of Rs.1,00,000/- .

Eligibility requirements

  1. The student should be a Foreign National Student with a valid Residential Permit (RP).
  2. The student should have a consistent good academic performance.
  3. A full time undergraduate or postgraduate student studying in a recognised University college/ Institution for at least one year in India.

Required Documents

  1. Academic Transcripts (12th Std Onwards)
  2. Valid Passport Copy
  3. Valid Residential Permit (R.P.) Copy
  4. Recommendation Letter from the Principal / Head of the College / Institute.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Merit
    Current Performance
    Consistency in academic performance for atleast one year of education in India
  • Leadership
    Students who have had experience of leading groups and providing direction to others
    Have evidence demonstrating such capabilities in shouldering, organizing, managing responsibility, participating in events, etc.
  • Community Service
    The committee considers volunteerism, service learning, field-work or internships that show civic responsibility and engagement which has had a positive impact on others.
  • Special Personal Attributes
    Evidence demonstrating Extracurricular & other achievements
    Relationship with peers and students from other countries
  • Overall
    Approach/ Grooming/ Impression/ Communication
  • The student must not have any criminal / misconduct record.

Selection Committee

A Selection Committee will consist of eminent academicians, diplomats, social worker, etc.

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